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Current Weight: 176pounds
Desired Weight: 138pounds
Pounds lost: 0


“I rather argue with you, angel, than be laughing with someone else"”

Previously Kiimhyunjoong

SS501 Directory

*downloads Adobe Illustrator……. has no idea how it works*

+wtf is this new land;  +i can hear jack singing what'ts this;  

Last Korean MV

+they ruined it all ugh;  


Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng - Must have been in love
Ft. 3 special fanboys.

SS501 as five elements → Hyungjun as wind

SS501 as five elements → Hyungjun as wind

SS501, Asia tour persona

+done;  +im so done;  +they're so perfect;  


That smile as he sees his fans :3 

+sigh cuz they are my fave couple;  +js;